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Read what our fans are saying about the best high-end baby blankets in the world! Our luxurious blankets make everyone happy, and that makes us happy, too. We love hearing what you think, so send us your testimonials to be featured on this page!

Max Daniel Designs’ award-winning luxury Baby Blankets, Security Blankets and Adult Throws are beautiful, stylish and ultra-soft—and there’s a color and print for every taste! Each one is made with love right here in the USA.

Wonderful reviews of our blankets like these always make our hearts sing!

"You seriously have to feel these blankets to fully understand how soft they really are. I can say with all honesty that Max Daniel blankets are the softest blankets that I have ever felt."

"As a mom I am more than happy to spend money on an expensive baby blanket of excellent quality than on something that is ‘good enough’ from a department store."

If you would like to see your baby featured here, simply send us a photo of him or her with their favorite Max Daniel blanket and a few words to info@maxdaniel.com.

Baby Andrew naps on momma cuddling his Max Daniel Baby Blanket.
— Nicole S.
This is sweet baby Sicilia Luciana snuggled in her Platinum blanket!
— Diana C.
All cuddled up in the best blanket in the world!
— Stefanie B.
Sandy T. sent us this photo of her adorable little girl with her favorite Max Daniel blanket!!
— Sandy T.
baby blankets testimonial
baby blankets testimonial
“Max Daniel is our favorite blanket to snuggle
and stay warm with…”
— Kalee P.
“This is the blanket we won in the Valentine’s Day contest. We decided that since baby Ansley already has one, it was only fair that big brother Jack get this one! It hasn’t left his side since it arrived! Thanks again!!!”
— Olivia, D
Baby Blankets testimonial
Baby Blankets testimonial
“Dominic loves his Max Daniel blankets. When he’s tired and I grab one, he giggles in joy then rubs his face into it!”
— Liz Y., Texas
“Caroline cannot resist the urge to nap in her favorite Max Daniel blanket!”
— Angela, Denver, CO
Baby blanket testimonial
9 baby blankets testimonial.jpg
“Madi lazing on the couch with her Max Daniel blankets!”
— Grandpa Al
“Thank you so much for your help this week - you made my little girl very happy last night!! I appreciate all of your assistance!”
— Leanne P.
10 baby blankets testimonial.jpg
“We love Max Daniel blankets because they are high quality and made in USA! The blankets are super cuddly. I gave the security blanket to my son Gabriel the first time and he fell asleep while playing with it. I also use your blankets as teething blankets! Thank you for making a great product!”
— Stephanie V.M., Philadelphia, PA
“Sam is a Max Daniel girl! Even her “stuffy” has one! She will not get cozy unless she does it Max Daniel style! She drags her blankies everywhere she goes: with her Yellow, Pinky and “Zezzow” for her stuffed bunny.”
— Rachel M., Winnetka, CA
“This is Taylor Grace. She was born wrapped in a Max Daniel blanket!”
— Tracy R. K., Manteno, IL
“We love this one of Baby Madi from Grampa!”
— Willie
“We were introduced to Max Daniel Designs about 5 years ago, ever since we have been hooked. These do not compare to ANY competitor, I have washed our collection numerous times weekly, over the few years and they are holing up wonderful. My son drags his adult throw with us EVERYWHERE, yes its big, bulky but he loves to be cozy and warm, which I don’t understand we live in AZ?? ITs the comfort and security it brings him. My Daughter follows his footsteps and is addicted to her MDD blanket as well the baby size, it goes to school with her and is washed every day she has had it over 2 years not and look like the day we got it. I am truly a dedicated MDD fan…nothing compares. The joy, the warmth, the plushy feel are just perks to these beautiful blankets…they bring happiness and memories to my kids forever. These are a keepsake item going into the hope chest (if I ever can get them to quit dragging them around).”
— Janelle A. C.
“Lilah loves her Max Daniel blankets! Her purple rose satin blanket goes everywhere she goes! The blanket is the softest blanket I’ve ever felt and the quality is unbeatable – it’s been taken through the mud a million times and looks brand new after each wash! This brand has become a staple in our home and a common gift for friends!”
— Stacey W., Alexandria, VA
“Thomas’ proud “NeNe” wrote to tell us she was so happy that her Max Daniel Baby Blanket arrived in time for her grandson’s birth!”
— DeeDee A.
“I gave birth to a baby girl 6 days ago I received countless compliments from the maternity nurses on my beautiful pink Zebra Max Daniels Blanket! I have been in love with your blankets since I purchased the Giraffe blanket for my other daughter born 3 years ago. Today it is a beautiful day in Southwestern Ohio and I decided to take my baby girl outside and lay her on top of her Zebra blanket amongst the leaves. On my wish list…..The Pony blanket.”
— Heather R.
“It’s the perfect day to snuggle up for our nap with our Max Daniel Blanket! My little Leela is a huge Max Daniel fan!”
— Courtney M. S.
“This is Joaquin’s first blanket. Matias took it from him and cries if he doesn’t have it. I don’t know what we would do with our Max Daniel blankets in this 35 degree weather!! We are Max Daniel’s #1 fans!”
— Jeanette C. G.
“Brooklynn Mac is so sweet and precious sitting on her Pink Snow Leopard! Thank you!”
— Diana C.
“Angel enjoying his comfy cozy Max D Blanket.”
— Cindy G.
“3-week-old Emily sound asleep in her new Max Daniel blanket!”
— Cari G.
“Here are some pictures of the journey of the Max Daniel blankets. Thanks Gina Martinez for introducing us to these awesome blankets!”
— Barbara C.
“We’ve received our Max Daniel adult throw today! Baby Ryan and Daddy/Mommy will definitely enjoy winter more this year! In the picture is Ryan with his baby blanket at six months old. Now he’s nine months old. He was so excited to open the box when it came!”
— Kelsey P.H.
“As Madi cuts new teeth she takes great comfort in her mom’s arms with her Lavender Rosebuds & Satin Max Daniel blanket!”
— Allen C.
“Taking a nap with her favorite blankey!”
— Sarah C. M.
“Your blankets are just too cozy! My daughter fell asleep while I was cooking lunch. She never falls asleep unless she is in her bed or car seat!”
— Liz Y.
“We love Max Daniel blankets because they are high quality and made in USA! The blankets are super cuddly. I gave the security blanket to my son Gabriel the first time and he fell asleep while playing with it. I also use your blankets as teething blankets! Thank you for making a great product!”
— Su-Ting Y., Raleigh, NC
“My daughter Katelyn loves her Max Daniel hot pink blanket so much we actually have 4 now since no other blankie will do! One for each car, one for daycare and one for home. They have been washed a million and a half times over the years as she is now 4 and they are just as silky soft as the day she first cuddled up to it when she was 5 months old! ”
— Sheri F., Monterey, CA
“Max Daniels are the best baby blankets. All my 3 girls have one. My oldest has an adult size. My 3 year old and my new baby have both come home from hospital with theirs. They are also what I give to all my friends as a present for their new babies! Everyone comments on their blankets, they are a must have!!!”
— Holly B., Berwick, Victoria, Australia
“Max Daniel blankets are some of the softest blankets out there. Our kids absolutely LOVE their blankets. We own a butter giraffe print and a rosebuds in platinum. Each blanket has been through the wash repeatedly (they are children’s after all) and they have held up amazingly well and look almost as new as the day we bought them. In fact, they seem to “age gracefully” and become even softer then when they were purchased. Siadonie loves her Max Daniel blanket during tummy time, nap time and as a cover up during car rides. The only thing missing is an adult throw for snuggling up with my little ones on the couch. Believe me, once you have one in your hands, you won’t want to put it down. We highly recommend Max Daniel blankets!
They make excellent baby shower/new baby gifts.”
— Shannon A., Appleton, WI
“Thank you AFancyGirlMust and Max Daniel. Rachel loves her blanket!”
— Doreen P., New Jersey
“Baby H. loves her Max Daniel blanket!
Need to order another one for her and one for mommy! Best blankets around!”
— Melissa, A., Iowa
“Thank you again Max Daniel for the wonderfully soft blankets.
Mairéad is now 3 days old and loves them.”
— Ashley W.
“Colton LOVES his Max Daniel blanket. It’s his favorite to cuddle and suckle while teething. The softness of the satin is the best, it seems to be the only thing that soothes him! And it holds up great after countless washes!!”
— Lisa P.
“Skye’s one and only blanket!”
— Sigal S., Las Vegas, Nevada
“I bought my first Max Daniel blanket five years ago, just before my son was born. I immediately fell in love with the softness and quality of the blanket. I started buying these blankets for all my friends and family for baby gifts, I even have my own adult throw. Everyone raves about them and always asks where I bought them. I bought two for my second son and have blankets already for my third. The blankets have held up magnificently. There aren’t any holes or tears, it’s been through the wash countless times and they are still as soft as ever. I love Max Daniel!!”
— Danielle H., Ronkonkoma, NY.
“Our baby Hunter loves snuggling his Max Daniel when we go for walks in our freezing town of Cooma, Australia. It keeps him very warm.”
— Tammy F.